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Back in the sixties, super cars were voluptuous, beaten aluminum shells, with supermodel curves, organic shapes that looked like they had been sculpted out of marble. But, in Italy there was a new generation of designers working all hours on radical new ideas that seemed to be straight out of the future. So started the era of unworldly 70’s concept cars which were basically wedges on wheels, all angles and edges with skins stretched between them. Roof heights were dropped to windowsill level, the driver and passenger practically sat on the floor, and windscreens and bonnets shared the same flat plane. The V12 beast felt like it was screaming right behind your head. A lot of these concepts to most people are forgotten, but one became the poster on every boy's wall in the 80’s. It is hard to understate the influence these cars have had on popular culture, not just in automotive exteriors, but sci-fi movies, fighter jets, speed boats and many more recognizable forms in our lives. UFO is Playforever's celebration of dreaming big, and radical change.


Materials: ABS Plastic, Rubber
Product Dimension: 7 inches length x 3.6 inches width x 2.3 inches height
Age: 3+
CPSIA Tested: Yes
Designed in the United Kingdom. Made in China.

About the Brand

Playforever draws inspiration from classic and iconic racing cars and racing planes from the 1920s, as well as 1960s New York. Combining decades of research with technical car design and automotive styling, Playforever's collection of cars and planes is an eclectic mix of art, fashion, traditional design and modernism. Playforever believes in authentic design and a flawless finish. The range consists of beautiful products born from the finest materials: child-friendly, soft-roll rubber wheels and a long-lasting, UV-resistant high gloss finish.