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Baghera Rideon Roadster AUDI has arrived!

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Baghera Ride-on Roadster AUDI

Created in 1936 by the famous engineer Ferdinand Porsche and driven by Bernd Rosemeyer, the Auto Union Type C made history. Behind the wheel of this incredible 16-cylinder car, Rosemeyer became the European champion driver in 1936 and set the speed record in 1937 by surpassing 406 km/h!

To recreate this car as a ride-on version and bring joy to automobile enthusiasts and kids, Baghera took the chassis of their metal Roadster and added the iconic elements of the Type C: the logo with the intertwined four rings and the "Auto Union" inscription, the wheel design, and the grille at the back of the seat.

To add a touch of elegance, the steering wheel is adorned with camel-colored accents. It's almost as if one should don a pair of racing gloves before embarking on an adventure on this phenomenal ride-on car!