Puzzle Train

Steve Cozzolino

This streamlined, brightly colored train combines logic and fun. Your child will have a blast figuring out which order parts fit together. Train cars are numbered 1-4 to re-enforce counting.

This first collection from Steve Cozzolino is comprised of educational toys: Wagonimals™, Puzzle Truck™, Fire Fighters Truck and Sequence Train™. The toys encourage children to imagine, create and learn as they build each toy. Children can first identify characters different geometric shapes and then fit them into matching shapes in their wagon. Children can also fit train and truck puzzle pieces together in sequential order as they play with each toy.  

American design.  Ages 1+. Made of non-toxic, high gloss, incredibly durable ABS plastic. Wheels made of over-molded, food grade rubber. US CPSIA tested.

In addition to the physical toys, children can connect to their toys in a digital way with the “Playland” IOS App.  A child selects the correct train part from the station to build the train, matching and counting as they go along.  A child can learn to count from 1-5 or 1-10 or learn the complete alphabet.


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