Papa Fox Trot

Recently featured under the Geek Chic banner in the Wall Street Journal.

You can’t fault the Dragon for being timid; not content with being the first private space vehicle to survive a return from orbit, it is also designed to potentially be the first commercial vehicle to reach Mars. In the meantime, it will have to settle for shuttling up to seven crew and cargo to the ISS in place of the recently retired Space Shuttle. In development by SpaceX since 2005, Dragon should be embarking on its first mission in 2012. 

These wooden toys bring the amazing machines behind today’s world into your home. For everyone who ever sighed at the site of a container ship or swooned over a satellite : these toys are for you.  

Not a children's toy; contains small parts. Age 12+. Wood with metal parts (in some products).  Approx. 6" at max when assembled.

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