Coloring Kit - 3 sets - Safari, Ocean, Flora


This large 3-set includes 1. Safari Animals, 2. Ocean Creatures and 3. Flora.

ColorJeu is a cutting-edge coloring set. The 100% natural crayons have a special shape -- 30 degree, 60 degree, 90 degree angles in the triangular crayon -- that help children learn precision and control while coloring.

Each set comes in a keepsake tin case with 7 universal crayon colors and 8 unique coloring pads. Children can learn from three themes: Big 5 Safari Animals, Ocean Creatures, and Flora. They also learn to spell the names of animals, fish, and flowers.

ALL NATURAL NON TOXIC 0% Paraffin, 0% Lead, 0% Pthalates, 0% Heavy Metals. 100% Plant Leaf Wax
  • VEGETABLE COATED No Plastic, 100% Plant Leaf Wax with ColorJeu patent-protected technology
  • SAFE COLOR Made with FDA approved pigments for food/drugs
  • ERGONOMIC HAND GRIP DESIGN Designed 30-60-90 round triangular shape to fit children hands perfectly.

Tin case size 4.0 inches by 8.0 inches

Made in Korea. CPSIA and Prop 65 Tested.


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